The 2016 Pole, Pedal, Paddle (in pictures)

 You’re a Wizard, Harry.

Another year of the Pole, Pedal, Paddle has come and gone and, after much deliberation, our group settled on wizards as the team costume theme, which of course led to numerous Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter references throughout the remainder of our email chain correspondences leading up to the race.  We got second in our age group this year, enough to receive the coveted PPP mugs we have grown accustomed to winning, and everyone felt pretty solid about their performances overall.  Here’s the rest of the story in pictures.

The three of us head to the top of Bachelor every year to complete the downhill ski, x-country ski, and downhill bike section of the race. Here we are posing for a picture before quickly jumping back into the car to warm up.

Missed the downhill ski portion of the race this year, but here is Jon x-country skiing towards the transition zone towards me and the downhill bike portion of the race.

My turn!

After the downhill bike is the run and then the ‘paddle’ portion of the race, with Nathan and James being our representatives in this arena.

Post race posing.

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