Oregon Timber Trail Route Guide Video

Last summer I rode the Oregon Timber Trail with a complete stranger turned forever bikepacking/vanlifing/outdooring buddy, Miles Arbour. We set out on the trail not only to enjoy the 670 mile route in its entirety, but also to document our adventure via GoPro and Drone footage, as it is just now gaining traction as a legitimate destination bikepacking route. As such, I made a video of the trail, with voice-over descriptions of each of the four tiers of the route, for those hankering to give this route a go this coming riding season or sometime in the near future. If you have 8 minutes to spare and are interested in attempting the route at some point, give this OTT Route Guide Video a watch, either on Vimeo or Youtube – enjoy!

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  1. Nice. I like the “Bunchgrass Real Talk” That section kicked my butt a last summer. Hope to get a chance to try it again.

  2. I have been scouring the internet to find resources for attempting the OTT. There doesn’t seem to be any ops that offer a full guide only sections. Do you have any resources that might be helpful in getting me prepared. I have a story as to why this is so important to me and hope to share it.

    • Hi R.L. Actually the official Oregon Timber Trail website has loads of resources for the trail, including detailed descriptions of each of the four tiers and a GPX downloadable map of the route. That’s definitely the place to start. Good luck with your ride!

  3. Hi Ben, thanks a lot for your publications. I just want to say ´waouw’. I would like to know how you compare the Colorado trail against the Oregon Timber trail. Which one did you prefer ans why ? Which one was the most difficult ? Thanks

    • Thanks for reading, Thierry, and that’s a great question. The CT is definitely more challenging. It has way more hike a bike and because it’s first and foremost a hiking trail, many sections of trail just weren’t made for bikes and are challenging to ride. But the views on the CT are unparalleled.

      The OTT, on the other hand, is a designated MTB trail, and most of it is rideable, at least the parts that aren’t too steep. The views don’t quite compare to the CT, but I’d say it’s a more approachable trail. Less altitude, a little less isolated, and the weather is more predictable.

      Both are amazing experiences though. I’ll probably do both again in the next few years.

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