Riding the Colorado Trail: Day 3



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A Day of Passes

While Andy and I knew that day 2 was going to be one of our more monotonous days, we also knew that after completing the detour, we had two major passes to get over: Kenosha Pass and Georgia Pass.  We left our campsite around 8:40 and knocked out the last 8 miles of detour in less than an hour, getting once again onto glorious rideable singletrack.

The day was a good one.  It was our first sunny day, and both passes proved mostly rideable.  At the top of Georgia Pass we got some really solid drone footage, which felt pretty good, and the descent from Kenosha Pass was AWESOME – a bit rocky, but mostly flowy and very rideable.  The descent from Georgia Pass… not so much.  It was all rideable, but VERY steep, with tons of chunky rock sections and big drops.  It was slow going, and the epitome of a white-knuckled descent.

At the end of the day, we covered 40 miles, climbing 5,400+ feet of elevation and completing the detour as well as segment 5 and most of segment 6.  We ended up flying down another fast descent to a campsite near Swan Lake 8 miles from the Breckenridge turnoff, overlooking wildflower meadows and the valley below.


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