Riding the Colorado Trail: Day 2



Want more detail, or the GPX version of this map?  Click here.

Prepared for the Worst

We knew going into this ride that the Lost Creek Wilderness Detour, also called the Tarryall Detour, was going to be rough.  It’s almost all uphill and has a reputation for big headwinds most of the day, and its reputation lived up to expectations.

We were on the trail around 8:30am and were once again blessed with overcast skies, but this time with the threat of thunderstorms.  Andy and I both were rather surprised how little water we had seen the first day, and throughout the detour, water was also scarce.  We both could carry a little over 3 liters at a time, but still we got close to running out a few times during the trip, and this detour was one of them.

Water Shortage?

We ended receiving a free refill at Goose Creek Campground, where some friendly campers offered us some as we were eating lunch.  Having pushed through the gravel portion of the detour by early afternoon, we expected the last 30 miles to be relatively easy, as most of it was paved, but that was unfortunately where we were met with a nasty afternoon headwind that graced us with its presence throughout the rest of our ride.

To ease our pain, we pulled over at the Stage Stop Saloon, a common stop for CT Thru hikers and bikers alike, and downed a plate of chips and salsa and some mozzarella sticks.  We ended up camping about 8 miles short of the end of the detour, but it felt like success to us after 65 miles and 5,800+ feet of climbing.

We finished the day with some home-cooked dehydrated meals (albeit a little burnt) and calls home to our wives as their was a small section along the trail where we were told we could get service.  It was a hard day and one that both of us were glad to have behind us.

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    • Hey Dave, It’s GREAT. It actually has pretty beefy tubing for a titanium bike, and its ride quality is nice and stable when loaded. I haven’t messed with the sliding dropouts in the back, but that also could really dial in whatever ride quality you’re looking for when loaded down. I’ve tried really hard to find faults with the bike, but so far it’s capable of everything I’ve thrown at it.

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