2 Day Bikepacking Trip – The McKenzie River Trail+


After much delay, Oregon finally gave its on-loan land-occupiers a weekend respite from the barrage of 42-degrees-and-raining weather we’ve experienced for the past 3 months and, as one of the fortunate few who had planned a weekend outing in advance, I lucked out with some much-needed sunny weather while out on the trails, and my vitamin D-deprived skin would agree.

My friend Andrew and I decided to revisit the McKenzie River Trail, partly because it posits some of the most premier singletrack in the northwest, but also because it is one of the few trails that is maintained year-round – at least the first half of it – so we were guaranteed fewer downed trees and hike-a-bikes than many other trails that have suffered from the harsh winter weather this year.  Here was our intended route:

The Map

Want more details, or the GPX version of this map?  Click here.

The ride did not go completely according to plan.  We had hoped to add a bit to the ride by climbing to the top of Sand Mountain, which would have added 16 miles to the ride and about 1,500 vertical feet of climbing.  Unfortunately, the copious amounts of snow on the trail had different plans entirely, but we didn’t complain.  Compared to our first experience on this trail (which was coincidentally one of the first bikepacking trips we ever did together – check it out here.), this one was a cakewalk, and who can complain about getting to share in the simple pleasures of a weekend spent in the woods with a friend?  Not us, that’s for sure.  What follows is a picture blog of our adventure this weekend.  Enjoy!

And we’re off!

The final morning. Yes, it was cold.


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