3rd Annual Crater Lake Trip Photo Dump

Last weekend, Trish and I completed her birthday week (actually we stretched it into 2 weeks, if we’re going to get technical) with our annual Crater Lake ride, which we have now done 3 years in a row.  Each year, right before Crater Lake becomes covered in snow, the roads around the lake close to all motorized vehicles, leaving it a biker’s paradise for the weeks preceding the first snow.

This year, since Trish and I were riding solo rather than with our two friends, Audra and Darren, who normally accompany us, we decided to ride the rim on our tandem, and then bring our mountain bikes and seek the path less pedaled in the surrounding area.

The weekend was filled with tarmac, gravel, singletrack, b-roads, and dirt doubletrack; we pretty much covered it all.  What follows is a photodump of the experience.

Crater Lake Rim Ride Map (Day 1)

Post Crater Lake Gravel Grinder Map (Day 1)

Dead Mountain Map (Day 2)

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