The Champoeg Half-Marathon/ Sprint Duathlon

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Trish and I got up nice and early this morning to participate in a race deceptively called the Champoeg Half-Marathon, but which also includes a 5-mile run and a sprint duathlon – which entails a 5k run followed by a 12 mile bike followed by another 5k run.

The forecast promised blue skies and temperatures in the high 50s while we ran and biked, and it didn’t disappoint; the weather was absolutely perfect.  As we pulled into Champoeg Park at around 8am, it was clear that this was going to be a wonderful event.

It’s a Race, I Hope I Win!

After getting everything set up and ready in the staging area and watching the half-marathon runners take off, we both went for a warm-up run and then got ready to start. There were a total of about 100 athletes participating in the sprint duathlon this year, and out of all of them, I pointed out one particularly tall and athletic looking guy and said, “I think that guy is my competition.”

Race packets in hand and ready to start warming up. Hey… that guy’s calves totally photbombed our picture!

Staging area.

Although Trish has a lightweight road-bike, she has really fallen in love with her Co-Motion touring bike, and decided to use it over her road bike for the race.

Unfortunately, soon after the first running leg was over, it became apparent to me that I wasn’t going to be much competition for him at all.  While my I did have the two fastest 5k times on the course (an 18:08 followed by a 17:49; both sub-6 minutes miles, which is what I was hoping for), the unnamed tall, athletic looking guy absolutely destroyed me on the bike leg, beating me by about 6 minutes.  Another guy passed me on the bike as well, but I was able to catch him around mile 2 of the final 5k, getting 2nd overall.

Talking with he and his dad after the race, it was clear that this guy (whose name was Steve by the way) was out of my league.  Steve has a personal trainer, just completed the Lake Tahoe Half-Ironman, has completed an actual Ironman, and whether or not it helps, appears to be chiseled out of stone.  Plus he is a really nice guy.  I was happy with 2nd place.

Trish felt good throughout the race until the final 5k, where her knee started acting up on her.  However, her dogged training paid off with one her faster 5k times in a long time and a very fast bike leg.  She placed 50th overall, and that’s counting the male participants.  Pretty awesome accomplishment if you ask me.

Close to the finish line.

Made it!

Will We Do it Again?

Of course we’ll do it again!  The course was really well marked for the sprint duathlon, and I was impressed with the number of volunteers helping with the event.  It’s very well organized and and the course itself is beautiful (and flat).  Plus it’s sponsored by Ninkasi so you get a free beer at the end.  What’s not to love?




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