Introducing ‘Oregon Bikepacking’: A New Section on My Blog with Maps!


Finally, after lots of time spent staring at wordpress support sites, ridewithgps, googlemaps, and various tutorials on all three, I’ve finally figured out how to include maps of my rides.  This probably isn’t difficult for the average tech-saavy blogger, but I’ve attempted to learn a handful of times now, and every time given up out of frustration.  But the frustration is over.

What’s the Big Deal?

You may wonder why this is so important to me.  Well for starters, I no longer have to scratch my head and try in vain to recall which trails I’ve ridden on, or laboriously write down every trail in a blog post so that I can remember.  The entire route is clearly labeled so that I can look at elevation gained, miles covered, and the specific route.

Additionally, now all of my bikepacking routes have interactive google maps showing the ride, which can conveniently be made into GPX files and downloaded directly onto a GPS if wanted by the general bikepacking masses.  So cool.

Oregon Bikepacking

I now have a new menu on my blog labeled, “Oregon Bikepacking,” where all the write-ups AND maps of my bikepacking adventures can be viewed.


I have the ability to make all my maps into GPX files and to provide even more detailed versions through; just click on the link below the google map ( and then download the GPX file onto your device.  If you want a map and can’t figure out how to put it on your device, just reply to that specific entry and ask for it.  I’ll help you out.

Or just look over the elevation gain for each of the rides and succumb to an involuntary jaw-drop.


I want to give a shout-out to Logan Watts, the author and mastermind behind (previously Pedalingnowhere).  He spent a solid half-hour this morning chatting via his facebook page with me in order to troubleshoot and ultimately fix some of the bugs that were preventing me from putting maps on my blog.  Much appreciated Logan!

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