Bike Touring Gear List 2 of 2 – Clothing (for moderate temperatures) and Bags

With only two days left until my first bike tour of the summer, I’ve finally gathered up the necessary belongings for our trip.  The second part of my gear list is my clothing and bags; simple but essential aspects of any gear list.  This clothing list is made for relatively moderate temperatures.  Trish and I are going to experience temperatures between 40°F in the morning and 90°F in the afternoon.  I plan on adding some additional clothing options for my trip to Canada, but as of right now, here is the relevant gear for bikepacking in Eastern Oregon:


Bike Clothing

  1. 2 Icebreaker Merino Wool 150 Underwear – Very light weight and they don’t get stinky after multiple uses like conventional cotton briefs do.20140616_194800
  2. 2 Pairs of wool bike Socks – After doing my bike tour in Eastern Oregon and wearing a hole in both pairs of running socks I brought for riding, I decided to invest in some better socks.
  3. 2 Pairs of Running Shorts
  4. 1 Pair of Biking Shorts – I don’t plan on using these, but am bringing them just in case.
  5. 2 Long Sleeve Synthetic Shirts
  6. 1 Synthetic Short Sleeve Shirt
  7. 1 Cotton Short Sleeve Shirt
  8. 1 Pair of Mesh Riding gloves
  9. 1 Pair of Full Length Gloves

Camping Clothes

  1. Polypropylene Long Underwear Pants and Shirt – Off brand
  2. 2 Pairs of Cotton Briefs
  3. 1 Pair of Synthetic Long Socks
  4. 1 Pair of Wool Socks
  5. 1 Pair of Khaki Shorts
  6. 2 Cotton Short Sleeve Shirts
  7. 1 Long-Sleeve Fleece
  8. 1 Pair of Rain Pants
  9. 1 Rain Jacket

Clothing Packing Cubes

  1. 2 REI Packing Cubes – It’s my first time using them, but they appear to be made of strong material, with excellent zippers.  We’ll see if they withstand the test of time (Picture Above).


  1. 1 Pair of Shimano Click’R CT70 Bike Shoes –  I’ve used these shoes for about 6 months and absolutely love them; my 20140616_204842only complaint is that the tread is a bit too smooth and the clips rub against the ground when walking on uneven surfaces.  Otherwise, these shoes are great.
  2. Brooks Cascadia 8 Trail Running Shoes – For hiking and walking around the local towns we stop in.
  3. Old Pair of Jamaican Sandles – I bought these when I lived in Jamaica for a year; they are extremely light weight and very durable.  Perfect for trips like this.



I’m using 2 Ortlieb Back-Roller Classics for my rear panniers, and 2 Ortlieb Front-Roller Classics for my front panniers.  I’ve used all of these in various combinations as my commuter panniers for about 6 months now, and I am fully confident that they will work perfectly.

Handlebar Bag

My handlebar bag is perhaps my most prized possession on this list.  It is made by a small husband and wife company called Acorn Bags, based in Southern California, and they make high quality, handmade canvas bags for bikes.  Because of the company’s size, buying a bag of any type can be challenging.  I failed purchasing the 20140616_194746handlebar bag the first time because, after receiving an email verification that the bags were ready for purchase, I waited until the end of my workday to try and buy it and they were sold out.  When the next shipment of bags was ready after six weeks of waiting, however, I coached my retired father through the necessary steps in purchasing the bag for me (since they go on sale at 9am and I work during that time) and he bought it as soon as they went up for sale.  I have absolutely loved this bag so far and can’t wait to write a glowing review of it at the end of the summer.

There is my official list.  Now it’s time to get packing and start the adventure!


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