March 2014 – Biking to Rogue Farms Hopyard in Independence

Biking to Rogue Hopyard, in Independence, should be a requirement for any cycling enthusiast that lives in the Willamette Valley.  There are a number of route options, all beautiful and relatively secluded, and the end point is a unique and eccentric farm hopyard, complete with jars of beer and games like corn hole and giant scrabble to entertain you while drinking a delicious pint of their famous Dead Guy Ale, or my personal favorite, the 7 Hop IPA.

The route options from Salem are numerous.  You head out of West Salem on the Salem Dallas Highway, take the bike overpass at Oak Knoll golf course to Rickreall Road, turn left on Greenwood Road, which meets up with the Independence Highway.  Take that through Independence until you hit Buena Vista Road and turn left, and then just follow the signs to Rogue Farms Hopyard.

You can also head out of South Salem on River Road, turn left on the Independence Highway, turn left on Buena Vista Road, and then just follow the signs.

Finally, there are some beautiful scenic roads in South Salem’s Ankeny Wildlife Refuge via Liberty, Sidney road, and Buena Vista road (a part of the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway), which takes you across the Buena Vista Ferry to get to the Hopyard.

All these routes are great; my personal favorite is taking the Buena Vista Ferry because the roads are nearly empty, and the farmland and nature refuge you drive through are breathtaking.  However, the picture narrative that follows is based on the first option, taking the Salem Dallas Highway.  Enjoy.


After congregating outside Walery’s Pizza in West Salem, we rode down the Salem/Dallas highway, where I didn’t take pictures because the highway is a bit too busy to be fumbling with a camera. This shot is after we crossed the bike overpass just past Oak Knoll golf course.


Bikers tend to be a happy bunch.


Greenwood road is a long, straight stretch of tarmac surrounded by picturesque farmland.



Buena Vista road, featuring a beautiful Co-Motion tandem.



You know you’ve made it to Rogue Hopyard when you start seeing signs with various beer names along the side of the road. Unfortunately, all the hops that are usually on the left had already been harvested, so the view was not as spectacular as it sometimes is.


We set all our bikes against trees scattered around the entrance to the little tasting room, which enhanced the already beautiful scenery on the farm.


A shot of the outdoor deck, with my Kona striking a pose.


Our bike lineup, along the outdoor picnic area. Rogue Hopyard is not just a tasting room. They have some wonderful pub-style dishes to choose from as well.


The picnic area surrounds a grassy field filled with games like corn hole, giant scrabble, giant jenga, as well as multifarious other games.


Bike and beer. Does life get any better?



It’s called Rogue Farms Hopyard for a reason. In addition to pigs, there are chickens and turkeys roaming the farm as well.


The majority of the group ready to head back after a wonderful afternoon at Rogue.


A very satisfied group of Salemites.

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